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Radiance Energy is recognized as a leading provider of high quality ultra-efficient LED lighting products and related services. This includes lighting analysis/audits that can be used for utility company rebates. Our lighting products and control systems can produce energy/cost savings up to 90% while providing healthier, safer, environmentally sound lighting environments. Our focus is serving the commercial and industrial markets which include office buildings, parking garages warehouse/distribution centers, arenas healthcare and educational facility’s

The Radiance Energy LED difference

Radiance Energy facilitated an LED retro-fit- conversion for a downtown Seattle high rise tower. In the bidding/proposal phase Radiance Energy went head to head with “XYZ” electrical company. The net result: We saved the client more than double in light energy costs as compared to the other company’s proposal.

While Radiance Energy’s total cost of its proposal was initially higher, the actual out of pocket expense for the client was 17% lower. Our design specifications and products provided for a 55% greater annual savings in light energy costs, with 47% more cash back from the utility company over the competition!

Initial Total Cost

Utility Rebate

Dollar Difference with Radiance Energy $21,500 more cash back to the client

Actual Cash Out of pocket

Dollar Difference with Radiance Energy $11,000 less cost to the client

Annual Energy Savings

Dollar Difference with Radiance Energy $8,700 greater energy savings

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