About Radiance Energy

Radiance Energy is a leading provider of high quality, ultra-efficient LED lighting products, energy management control systems and related products and services. This includes light energy audit/analysis – facilitation of utility rebates, installation and financing that can be tied to match energy cost savings.  We save our clients up to 90% in light energy costs.

Radiance Energy separates itself from the competition by the ability to maximize savings in “kilowatt hours” which in turn maximizes utility cash back rebates when applicable.

We have direct manufacturing partners:

Our business model eliminates additional mark ups, and provides cost savings to our commercial and industrial clients.

Performance Value:

Radiance Energy continuously analyzes LED lighting products to offer only the “best in class” in value and overall performance.

Central to our selection criteria is:

  • Industry leading light output per watt (Lumens)
  • High standard of light quality – flicker free- superior color accuracy
  • High standard of components and build quality with warranty to back it up
  • Free of hazardous materials and recyclable
  • Manufactures stability and product support
  • Priority to products made or assembled in America
  • Competitive/value pricing within the parameters of our selection criteria.
Not all LED lighting products are created equally. Internal lighting components can vary considerably. The difference can be compromising to light quality and longevity of the product. Radiance Energy only represents the highest standard in build quality and warranty’s to back it up.

Beyond the benefits of energy savings:

Radiance Energy places a significant emphasis on providing lighting environments that make people feel better, more energetic and productive. Please ask us about this!

Market focus

  • Office buildings / Complexes
  • Warehouses / Distribution Centers
  • Cold storage facilities
  • Educational / Healthcare facilities
  • Parking garages
  • Data centers
  • Food processing environments
  • Arena’s
  • Indoor and outdoor Commercial / Industrial applications

Shared Energy Savings Program with no financial RISK

  • Radiance Energy provides a complete lighting upgrade for qualifying facilities without the client incurring ANY out of pocket upfront “capital expense” cost. This includes complete design, installation and commissioning of project.
  • Monthly service fee payments are based on a portion of the light energy savings verified by minute-to-minute circuit level metering.
  • Lighting maintenance is included as part of the shared savings service program providing an additional net operating cost savings.

Radiance Energy
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For General Inquiries and Information:

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