Seattle, Washington, USA


  • Two -38 story –stairwells
  • 8 stories parking garage
  • Common areas all floors

The Challenge

Fifteen Twenty – One Second Avenue is a development of The Justen Company. The luxury 38 story condominium complex was developed with the mission to be the region’s finest high-rise residential community. Completed in 2009, Fifteen Twenty – One received LEED-Gold certification for its sustainability features. In 2015 Radiance Energy worked with the Strata on a project to reduce energy, maintenance costs, and create a better lighting solution.

The Solution

In 2015 Radiance Energy upgraded what were mostly fluorescent tubes and bulbs in the parking garage, stairwells, storerooms, maintenance closets, etc. to all LED lighting. The net result was lighting energy cost savings of 70% and better quality illumination.

Several options were considered including entirely new fixtures and a number of dimming control solutions. Our team worked with both the strata and property management company to come up with the best solution based on their needs and budget.



Energy Cost Savings


Rebate from Seattle City Light

ROI in years

Expected Lifespan of lights in Years

2.9 year ROI – 2.4 year ROI- calculating maintenance* (From internal data)


Each fixture (2 shown) includes two 32 watt fluorescent tubes + ballast with power consumption of approx. 4-5 watts. (burning 130 watts power consumption total).

garage-before LED replacement


Each fixture (2 shown) includes ONE 18 watt of our proprietary Energy Focus LED Lamps that are direct wired, not requiring ballast(s). (36 watts power consumption total).

garage-after LED Replacement

Alternative Solutions

Although in this case it was decided to do a simple retrofit after a Budget Cost-base Analysis, other solutions that could have been provided were:

  • Replacement of entire light fixture with a reduction in number of fixtures
  • Implementation of 3-tiered dimming system (See our page of dimming systems for more information) based on occupant/vehicle in zone
  • Energy Savings 70% 70%
  • Rebates 56% 56%
  • Lighting Maintenence Cost Reduction 99.9% 99.9%
  • Client Satisfaction 100% 100%

* Maintenance Includes: Replacement lamp(s), ballast(s), and labor cost. The new LED lighting expenses over 10 years should be negligible.

The Results Were Amazing

Not only did the client receive a 70% energy savings, Radiance Energy was also able to obtain a 56% rebate from Seattle City Light. As well, due to the diffusion characteristics of the lighting solution provided, lighting coverage was increased by 20% adding increased safety, a more consistent light, less shadows and contrast – all the while decreasing energy consumption immensely. Lighting maintenance costs were also reduced by approximately 99.9% as the need to replace burnt lights has been almost completely eliminated for many years to come.

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