Why LED?


LED is the most energy efficient way of illumination, with energy cost savings up to 90% over the traditional halogen, metal halide and fluorescent lighting it replaces. Light quality is improved along with the substantial energy cost savings.


Older lighting technologies such as halogen, metal halide and fluorescent require continual replacement and maintenance. Ongoing expense(s) for these technologies include the replacement cost of products (bulbs, tubes, electrical ballasts, etc.) and associated labor costs for repair, installation, cleanup and disposal. These open-ended expenses over the years are often very significant and can take staff away from other tasks. LED lighting can virtually eliminate these maintenance costs.


Radiance Energy’s LED lighting products use a fraction of the energy of older lighting technologies. Effective maintenance free life for Radiance Energy’s LED lighting products can be an up to exceptional 10 years of continuous operation. Additionally, LED lights experience minimal illumination decline through years of use whereas lighting output from fluorescent tubes suffer a dramatic decline over time. The cost effectiveness from the increased energy efficiency and long life of LED products over the years can have a significant impact to the operating bottom line of the commercial and industrial customers we serve.


LED lighting products are not all manufactured to the same standards. The quality of the electronic diodes, optical lens, connectors, etc. varies widely. Radiance Energy’s LED products meet the highest standard of build quality. Our products are designed for long life, work well under variable and extreme temperature conditions, and are resistant to shock, vibrations and external impacts.


LED lighting offers the highest efficacy, best quality of light and longest life of any artificial light source. LED illumination can provide optimal color temperature, color rendition and a full, bright, visual field of light that can produce the best spectral match to natural daylight.


The extremely low power consumption needed to illuminate LED lighting dramatically contributes to lower carbon emissions and an improved carbon footprint. Solid state LED lighting can be directly wired without using electrical ballasts. LED lighting is designed to be eco-friendly, being free of harmful components such as mercury and is 100% recyclable.


Increased light quality and illumination from LED lighting can provide added security benefits and peace of mind, especially in large public facilities. When including a smart lighting control system, discreetly integrated cameras, as an option, can further elevate security and awareness.


Studies are showing that LED lighting can contribute to increases in energy, concentration, alertness, productivity, or aid in relaxation while providing a better mental and emotional state of well-being. Research produced by Phillips Laboratories in Europe has demonstrated that LED lighting can be set to light wavelengths that can measurably improve educational environments.

Light quality equals better health

Radiance Energy promotes light quality: Radiance Energy understands how important lighting can be for a workspace and the difference it can make in how people feel underneath the illumination.

LED lighting technology can offer the highest efficacy, best quality of light and longest life of any artificial light source. LED illumination can provide optimal color temperature, color rendition and a full, bright, visual field of light that can produce the best spectral match to natural daylight.

That said: Not all LED lighting products are created equally. LED technology and Internal lighting components can vary considerably. Poorly manufactured LED lighting can emit invisible flicker that has been attributed to a number of health-related issues including incidents of headaches, eyestrain, triggering seizures, dizziness, nausea, and difficultly in concentration. Autistic individuals have a particular sensitively to flicker.

Radiance Energy places an emphasis on offering our clients LED lighting expertise that can help them feel better during the course of their work day. By simultaneously considering a boost in certain light wavelengths, light volume and color temperature Radiance Energy can offer a more alert, energetic, productive and healthy workplace and educational environment.


For many years, fluorescent tubes and bulbs were the standards for lighting efficiency. The quality of the illumination it provided was never a talking point. Has anyone actually said they enjoy working underneath fluorescent lighting? With that bluish flicker, sometimes emitting an ever so slight annoying hummm? Many studies show links between elongated exposure to fluorescent lighting and various negative health effects.

LED lighting provides substantially more energy cost savings over fluorescent lighting while providing much healthier illumination. Additionally, all fluorescent lighting contains mercury which is toxic and is harmful to human health if exposed to.

Having experienced years of migraine headaches and visiting many specialists for treatment, I was relieved to learn that one of my headache triggers was the florescent lighting in my office. Fatigue was another common problem after over exposure to the fluorescent-illumination. Adding to this the flickering, I believe fluorescent lights were just plain detrimental to my health

Radiance Energy replaced the fluorescent with LED lighting in my office that adjusts in concurrence with outside daylight conditions.  My headaches disappeared, I have become more energetic, my work performance elevated, eye strain was gone, and I can focus on the computer longer without feeling fatigued. I’d like to thank your team for its part in this great improvement. It’s been life changing for me

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