Radiance Energy Inc. dba/ “Radiance Energy” – has added an additional affiliate dba/ “Seattle Energy Group” (SEG) “Your Lighting Management Partner” Seattle Energy Group was named to be more closely identified and affiliated with the great city and region we are part of.  “Seattle” is recognized nationally as a progressive, forward thinking and innovative business community. SEG will work synergistically with Radiance Energy emphasizing different aspects of the commercial and industrial LED lighting business.

Radiance Energy, Inc is working hard to stay ahead of the curve. We stand out from our competition with our “direct manufacturing partners” that eliminates additional mark ups and provides more cost savings for our commercial and industrial clients.

Radiance Energy and Seattle Energy Group will be expanding throughout our region providing market leading ultra-efficient, high performance, environmentally-friendly lighting.

Thank you for your continuing support
My Very Best

Scott Daggatt
Chief Executive Officer
Radiance Energy Inc dba/
Radiance Energy
Seattle Energy Group